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Testimonials - from men, women and young people

Thanks so much for everything Jules. You are someone special to me and I won't forget how wonderful you have been in helping over the years. I'll be back but in a good way!
R. Weybridge

I saw Jules for six sessions and really felt the benefit; she gave me some useful strategies for dealing with my anxiety. I felt very relaxed in her presence and I felt, from the first session, that she was someone I could trust with my thoughts. Jules was very good at gently digging to discover the underlying factors for how I had been feeling for most of my life and I felt stronger and more confident by talking these through. I fully recommend Jules for anyone seeking peace from what can be an overwhelming world at times.
R. Epsom

Over the past 4 years you have been my mentor, guide, therapist and most importantly my cheerleader. You have walked by my side throughout my journey which has been dark at times. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
S. Walton

When I first met you I lived in fear and I was miserable. Fear of weight gain consumed me and I was anxious and sad. You helped me realise that small things each time helped my recovery. You gave me the feeling that I had a control on my happiness not it controlling me. I will never forget everything you've helped me to realise and all the support and encouragement over the last three years. Thanks Jules, you've really been an inspiration to me and you've reached out to me like no-one else could. My friends and family see a difference in me now. I'm forever grateful.
R. Woking
Post script from Mum.......thank you for the amazing support and guidance you have offered R. We will always be grateful to you for helping R to realise her potential and to meet life's challenges so well.

Perhaps by coincidence but probably not, I discovered I was pregnant with our daughter shortly after our last session together. I always think that my physiology changed with the process of counselling. I walk around feeling like the luckiest person in the whole wide world everyday, and I wanted to say thank you again!
L. Staines.

Like many people I never believed I would need the help of a counsellor. But when I was at my lowest with feelings of pain,frustration, anger and hurt.
I was fortunate to find Jules who listened, and when needed spoke with me in a calm and friendly manner offering sound, sensible constructive advice. Jules guided me through the most traumatic period of my life, and returned me to the person I was. I can not thank her enough for her help and kindness,
Mr P. Weybridge

Thank you so much for supporting me , you have given me so much strength over the past year. You are an amazing person and I want to thank you for making me believe in myself and realising I’m amazing too!
L. Walton

I can honestly say that this was the best thing I've ever done for myself. I'm so glad I committed to seeing you as you have helped me immeasurably. I feel a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I can start the second half of my life in the most positive place possible. Thank you I will always remember this part of my journey.
J. W.Byfleet.

Huge giant thank you! Seeking help from you was honestly one of the wisest and most fruitful decisions I’ve ever made and the value of the time spent together is something I know I will be continuously reminded of as I move through my life.
Your warmth, knowledge and ability to listen has helped me understand my deepest thoughts and actions and ultimately to let go of my fears. My life has much more colour again.
E. Egham

Reading websites about counselling or therapy is one thing - but actually making the first phone call can be very daunting; it’s something I put off for a long time. I thought my problems were my fault and couldn’t be resolved. Calling Jules was the best thing I did. Jules has helped me come from a desperate, grey and sad place and expertly guided me on the journey of my life. Jules provided a confidential place of calm where, over the weeks and months, she helped me make sense of my life, understand myself, and find contentment and inner happiness that I have never felt before. I also feel better prepared to handle the ups and downs of everyday life. Jules is a non-judgemental, understanding and skilled professional with a wonderful perception. I feel fortunate to have found her and will be forever grateful for how she has helped me. Jules is a credit to her profession and I recommend her unreservedly.
J. Chertsey

It has been a great experience for me and you have helped me more than I can ever say.
Whatever I go onto to achieve in my life I will always acknowledge the role you have played.
Moving on is difficult, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help and support you have given me at a time when I felt very alone. Your guidance has been invaluable and helped me through the most difficult time of my life.
N. Weybridge

If you’re considering counselling, then I’d highly recommend Jules. I had hit the pause button (my metaphor - resting on a hillside), not knowing what to do next. I found Jules through word of mouth and with her approach and style, things immediately started to shift within me. It felt as though a weight had lifted from my shoulders. After I had rested this hillside turned into a mountain, which meant progress had been made and I now had some courage & determination to start the ascent to the top. With Jules beside me, gently challenging me with various techniques to unlock, unfold, discuss, and reflect upon the parts that have shaped me over the years; and then helped me to understand and finally accept them.
As Jules helped me reach the mountain top she did it in such a way that I felt safe. Of course there were difficult times but you only know you’re safe by allowing yourself to take that risk, communicate with Jules and see what else happens!

As I look at my mountain scene I see my journey of self discovery – the rocky and uneven ground on the right and the colourful solid ground on the left. I put my faith in Jules and it’s been a valuable investment. Thank you so much Jules.
A. Ashford.

You have been such an special person and contributor during our journey. I don't think we would have made it without you, only thinking about it fills my eyes with tears. Thank you so much for everything you did for me and for us.”
M. via SKYPE Asia

I don’t think I have ever met anyone who has valued me so much as you have. You have helped me to restore faith in myself and made me so much stronger and happier than I believe I ever have been. I have spent a long time searching for someone as kind, patient and nurturing as you and I’m so privileged to have met and been guided by you.
A. Staines.

When I first met Jules I was in a desperate place. I had completely lost myself in a sea of looking after others and putting me at the bottom of a very long list of those that I felt needed help and support. I could no longer work out how to rescue myself. For the first time in my life I reached out and asked for help. From that day to this I feel eternally grateful that the person I turned to for help was Jules.
Jules has a gift and she used that gift to gently guide and support me until I was able to re-discover myself and now, I finally like who I am again. This has been a painful journey at times but I have always felt safe knowing that I was sharing it with Jules. I acknowledge that if I had not wanted to make changes myself, none of this would have been possible, but I also know that without Jules’ gentle touch, I would have fallen at many hurdles along the way.
To say ‘thank you’ doesn’t even begin to express my gratitude. I will recommend Jules to anyone who needs guidance and help. My journey of self discovery is on-going and the hardest part so far is parting from Jules at this stage of it. She will always hold a place in my heart.
E. Weybridge

"Jules is so passionate about her work, that it's a joy to have her comments and insights to quote in features I write for national publications.
Her previous incarnation as a public relations practitioner means she is fully aware of how the media works, and understands the pressure of deadlines.
She is able to provide insightful and relevant quotes for articles about everything from relationships to self esteem, stress management to emotional eating. I value her as a key contact who helps me produce engaging and though-provoking articles, and highly recommend her." Colette Harris. Journalist.

“You have added some colour to this grey canvas, you are a fine artist and I will revisit your studio for some more of your painting”
A. Addlestone.

"Thank you for a year of guidance and listening and I feel that acceptance has been the real thread to it all………..I will miss you that’s for sure".
A. Walton.

My experience with Jules has been inspiring, emotional and enlightening.
She helped take me on a journey of discovery and now faced with a whole new journey in front of me I am left feeling calm, sure and in control.
Even through the difficult sessions, I have enjoyed every moment and it has helped ensure that my outlook on life is more positive.
N. Weybridge.

I found the experience really helpful and Jules helped me find my coping mechanism again.
I now know that there is always help at hand so Thank you
D. Chertsey.

I found Jules’ leaflet describing her qualifications and the counselling she offered in a beauty salon and immediately knew that I should be with her repairing the internal me, not (well, at least as well as!) in a place dealing with the external.

Having overcome the first step of admitting that I needed help, I found the second step of knocking on the door and crossing the threshold just as difficult. Fortunately from then on, it was easy. After the very first meeting, a deep relief set in, almost a sense of indulgence in talking to someone who was so supportive, took things at my speed, reflected back to me what I was saying, and helped me to understand myself. Under Jules’ guidance, I experienced frequent moments of completely new insight about myself and my life, and it was this fresh awareness that helped me bring to manageable proportions what had seemed to be the enormity of the problems I faced.
Thank you, Jules. I am truly grateful.
C. Weybridge.

Having come to the conclusion that I was not happy with many aspects of my life and realising that I could not solve the many issues I knew about and a few I did not by myself I thought talking to a counsellor would help my wellbeing. I found Jules website and immediately her words of introduction resonated with me. Meeting in person did not disappoint either, Jules in quiet studied thoughtful and unhurried manner began the process of understanding and then untangling then reforming a mixture of anxiety, low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence into a more positive way of thinking, where every -thing is attainable and possible, where change can be embraced and not feared. Jules in a tender and empathetic way has helped me to start living my life, I am in a happier place and I believe Jules has been instrumental in helping me achieve this. I will forever be in her debt.
J. Chertsey.

I have spent most of my adult life battling issues which have developed from a young age through to adulthood. Before meeting Jules I struggled to find ways to address, accept and work through problems which have riddled me for years. Meeting Jules has been life-changing, she has been truly inspirational and helped me to work through so many problems which have held me back in the past. I finally feel able to move on with my life having learnt so much about myself using valuable tools taught in a calming environment at a pace which worked for me.
The hardest part of the whole process has been saying goodbye to someone who has become so very special to me, I will always feel truly privileged to have met such a wonderful person who has helped me to find my path in life. If you are thinking about getting some help, stop thinking about it and just do it, meeting and working with Jules has been the best thing I ever did for my personal development, I cannot recommend her highly enough.
K. Woking.

I have been so pleased and constantly astounded at the progress I have been making in my sessions with Jules. She has played a critical role in helping me to look deep within, honestly and openly. She has been able to help me validate certain feelings and emotions and also to aid me in seeing experiences and thoughts from different perspectives. I feel completely comfortable with her in every session, and the atmosphere she provides to speak exactly what I am feeling or thinking is liberating!!
C. Egham.

I went to see Jules when I was in a very confused and anxious state. I had just lost my dear father, my boyfriend at the time was causing me a lot of unhappiness and to top it all I had a terrible boss who had chipped away at my confidence which put me in a very dark place.

Over time Jules helped me to see through the fog, and as my confidence and peace of mind returned due to Jules providing me with the tools to deal with my anxieties and worries, the world seemed a brighter and happier place to be.

During my sessions I have learnt so much about myself which has helped me to tap into my inner strength. This in turn allows me to deal with whatever life throws at me.

I would highly recommend Jules as a counsellor to friends and family as she is a total professional, caring, sincere and a wonderful human being who has truly found her vocation in life. I am deeply sad our sessions have come to an end.
N. Chertsey.

I went to see Jules in a state of unhappiness and quite some distress. With her gentle help and guidance I was able to explore the reasons for my state of being and together we worked on ‘putting me back together’.

With her help, support, insight and guidance a couple of months on and I have never felt better, I have a much deeper understanding of who I am, what I deserve and need, and where to go from here.

It was a difficult journey and I was honoured and relieved to have Jules by my side, helping me to see things clearly and come to a new level of understanding, and a new found, solid, happiness.
T. Weybridge

When I first came to Jules, I didn't really know who I was or what exactly it was that I wanted, I just knew that I wasn't happy and things had to change. Jules was able to gently guide me in the right direction towards finding myself and accepting who I was.Counselling has not been the experience I was expecting. I thought it would be hard work and invasive but instead it has been a wonderful journey of self discovery which I have entirely enjoyed.
Jules is calm, kind, sincere and understanding and I never felt uncomfortable, even though we were discussing sensitive personal experiences.
I would recommend her to anyone who isn't happy with life the way it is and wants to make a change.
R. Woking

I went to Jules in pretty poor shape, my coping mechanisms shot to ribbons and in considerable despair. Luckily for me, I had found the right person to engender a sense of calm and to foster a belief that I would come through this illness, for that's what it was.
She helped me open up a far better understanding of where I used to be, where I seemed to be now, and where I wanted to be in future. My thanks for all she’s done for me since late last Summer are sincere.
H. Weybridge

No amount of words can really describe what Jules did for me. Despite her adamants that it was me who helped myself, I will always maintain that she stopped me from slipping away entirely, into the dark place in which I was trapped. Words only serve to make my experience sound trivial, but quite frankly, she saved me.
H.(17) Addlestone

I went to see Jules when I was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Jules was able to make me feel very comfortable and at ease with her immediately. Over time Jules and I built up a strong relationship and she was able to guide me through my problems, offering me support and understanding. I feel that Jules has equipped me with the tools to overcome my anxiety in the long term and not just short term. Jules provided me with coping mechanisms as well as reassurance that I was going to get through my anxiety. I would highly recommend Jules as a counsellor as she genuinely cares for you and wants to see you gain back the confidence you may have lost through stress and anxiety.
V. Weybridge

Jule’s is a caring and empathetic counsellor who works in a warm, safe and comfortable environment where I have been able to freely share my private thoughts and feelings. She identifies key issues quickly and has guided me towards a place where gentle reflection and self-awareness has enabled me to start to grow past my old habits, doubts and limiting beliefs. I feel stronger, optimistic and empowered and I am, at last on a journey of acceptance of who I am.
M. Chertsey

Jules really helped me through a difficult time in my life and I thank her for everything.
R. Woking

I would say I'm changing into a better person, I just wish I could keep going to her for the rest of my life! I would highly recommend Jules to anyone.
M. New Haw

Since having counselling with Jules I feel lighter of spirit and have resolved certain issues that I feel were holding me back from leading a more fulfilled life. Taking the step to have counselling was one of the most important decisions I have made.
K. Weybridge

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